About Us

Who Are We?

Cinderellas is a commercial cleaning company that provides services and products to the cleaning industry.  Our amazing people are provided with world class training and systems to enable them to deliver a superior level of service to our clients.  Using our unique Territory Management Systems & Apps, our diverse cleaning specialisations and our focus on The Value Proposition gives our staff “the edge” in a highly competitive market.

In the cleaning sector Cinderellas has an unusually high client and high staff retention rate. Since 1990, Cinderellas has experienced slow but steady growth every year. Our company has focused on delivering quality outcomes to both our clients and our staff.

In FY 2016 Cinderellas experienced a 20% growth in sales and a doubling of Profits.  We have a supportive, non-confrontational workplace culture that rewards staff that are “train engines” not “train carriages.” Can-do people are attracted to our firm and we are expect steady growth in the coming months and years.

Take a look around …you’ll notice the world really is a dirty place.  You don’t have to look too hard to find something that needs cleaning.  There must be something wrong if a cleaning company has to advertise to get someone to use their service …wouldn’t you think?

At Cinderellas our focus is on providing amazing cleaning services.  If our product or service is great then the work will naturally flow back to us and growth will happen organically.  We focus on looking after every single client to the best of their expectations.

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