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Mark Ferdinands

Managing Director

As Managing Director of Cinderellas

Mark has unbridled passion for the cleaning industry.  Cinderellas is a great company because Mark has the cleaning expertise in many specialisations and he is able to provide excellent back up and support to all departmental heads, Territory Managers and staff throughout the entire company.  Mark has a Diploma of Management.

Mark is warm and compassionate and finds it easy to get the most out of his team.

Ask him and Mark will innocently tell you that he is the original inventor of “The Value Proposition Theory” whereby the cleaner, the client and the cleaning company will all win/win/win if all parties are getting optimum value from The Agreement.  Mark does this by creating an open and honest environment when the agreement is first being formulated between all parties and through providing everyone with the assurance and trust that their best interests are being looked after.

On December 2007, Mark led The First Response Command Team that oversaw the clean-up of all the fire affected sites on Kangaroo Island on behalf of The Government of South Australia – The Department for Environment & Heritage.  Living on the land, mostly without electricity or access to running water, the Cinderella’s team was tasked to bring popular tourist sites such as Seal Bay, Kelly Hill Caves, Cape Borda & Cape du Couedic Lighthouses and Flinders Chase National Park back on-line, after fire had decimated the settlements.

Since taking on the sole ownership of the company in 2015, Mark has concentrated on developing our unique Territory Management System, on training Territory Managers, growing our client base, improving our warehousing and logistical support, improving productivity and profitability and retail operations.  Under Mark’s stewardship, in FY2015/16 Cinderellas grew overall sales by 20%, almost doubled profits and reduced drawings by 300%.  Cinderellas is now looking to new markets outside of South Australia.

Capability Statement

Outside of Cinderellas

Mark has been in the service of The Royal Australian Navy since 5th January 1992 in the Permanent Naval Force and now in the Active Naval Reserve.  He is the recipient of the Australian Defence Medal.  Mark has over 13 years of hotel management experience working in Key Management roles within companies such as Australian Leisure & Hospitality, Fosters Australia, Saturno Hotel Group, Taverner Hotel Group & The Gunn Hotel Group.

Very community minded, Mark belongs to The RSL, is an active member of the business community as the Inaugural President of BNI A-Team and past member of BNI Business Plus, as a member of Business SA, as a financial sponsor of the SAAFL, SANFL (Sturt Football Club), SAAWFL and AFL, as a sponsor of Greyhound Racing SA, as a philanthropist to The Hutt Street Centre, Childhood Cancer, The Asthma Foundation, Save The Children & The Salvation Army whilst also finding time to provide care to his elderly mother. Mark likes to compete every second year in The YMCA’s Murray River Kayak Marathon.

Mark works closely with Disability Employment Agencies such as Multiple Solutions and Matchworks and has provided meaningful paid employment in Cinderellas for many people with disabilities.  Cinderellas recently won an award for our ongoing efforts in helping place people with disability into employment with us. Mark works with many other employment agencies as well, helping long term unemployed, indigenous and older Australians gain meaningful employment.

In his spare time Mark is a drummer in 6 bands: Planet Square, The Beach House Boys, The Good Ol’ Boys, Burnt Fish, Tri Hards and Drum & Strummer.  He moonlights on percussion for Rolling Stones Tribute Shows – Satisfaction and Crossfire Hurricane.

Mark is a commercial worm farmer, is an advocate for community verge farming in the suburbs and provides Booth Captaincy services for The Australian Liberal Party.

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