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Noel Speck

Territory Manager

As a Territory Manager at Cinderellas

Noel is a hard-working, versatile and efficient Territory Manager.  Having run his own businesses for many years, Noel is a highly experienced individual well versed in human resource management, problem solving and client relationship management.

Noel’s main duties and responsibilities include cleaning a wide range of commercial properties, client relationship management, implementing strategies to drive and increase productivity, overseeing and implementing staff training, quality control and inspections and engaging in regular management meetings with senior management.

Noel takes his management role in Cinderellas extremely seriously and takes great pride in developing and nurturing healthy productive relationships with his clients and the staff in his team.

Outside of Cinderellas

Noel provides coaching, mentoring and training to individuals and businesses. Noel is effective with creating Personal Change, Setting and Achieving Goals and Learning and Behavioural Change for individuals and organizations.  At an individual level, Noel also works with Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Health and Nutrition, Stress Management and overcoming phobias and the impact of negative emotions.

As if he isn’t busy enough, Noel is the director of the SWELL program which addresses the exercise needs of those community members who may be less able to access traditional programs and venues. There is a strong emphasis on achieving sustainable lifestyle change to best prevent the development of chronic disease and to maintain and improve strength, flexibility and general fitness.

In his capacity as an EFM Fitness Leader, Noel provided tailored fitness coaching programs to members including nutrition, motivation, education and rehabilitation.

Noel is the most amazing person to have inside an organisation like ours.  He is a breath of fresh air and adds enormous value to the culture of Cinderellas.  He would add enormous value to your organisation too.

Noel’s qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Diploma Teaching
  • Graduate Diploma Outdoor Education
  • Full Spectrum BDM Certification
  • Training and Assessment Certificate
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