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Tracey Beaumont

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer at Cinderellas

Tracey works well under pressure, has great communication skills and is not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Tracey has studied psychology at Macquarie University with a focus on organisational behaviour and has developed processes for health and safety in a food processing facility. Her role within that company extended to one of a sales and business development position and her expertise with both managing people and processes makes her a strong and valuable leader within our company. Her fastidiousness and people skills make for well managed and supervised contracts.

Tracey was promoted to Chief Financial Officer when Cinderellas went through a major restructure in mid-2015.  It was obvious that Tracey’s full spectrum understanding of Cinderellas’ systems and processes, staff, company culture and our clients’ needs made her the stand out choice for her new role as CFO.  Since then, Tracey has exemplified excellence in financial management of the company’s affairs.  Decisions Tracey has made have led to the following improvements:

  1. reduced financial wastage by over 20% (FY 2015/16)
  2. increased overall profitability by 85% (FY 2015/16)
  3. contributed to systems that make the financial reporting more accurate
  4. ensured staff, contractors & suppliers receive payment on time
  5. reduced shareholder drawings by almost 300%
  6. played an integral role in Territory Management System R&D
  7. implemented significant company debt reduction measures
  8. streamlined the finance department’s systems and administration
  9. implementation of technology that has assisted in Cinderellas’ national expansion

Tracey negotiates business with senior clients and still manages some of her previous contracts when she was a TM. Tracey liaises with our existing sales team to further develop service offers as well as with managers in other departments to ensure company cohesion and adherence to company policy and Vision Policy.  Tracey is a manager who can think on her feet and drives high for results!  A highly capable Chief Financial Officer, Tracey has been able to transition from her former role as Business Development Manager into her new role as CFO.

Outside of Cinderellas

Tracey is a devoted mum to her two beautiful children. She is a highly experienced, fully qualified chef with over 20 years’ experience working in some of the busiest eateries in Adelaide.  In her spare time, Tracey enjoys building and renovating property, volunteering counselling to families living with autism and people leaving domestic violence.  Tracey enjoys writing and singing and generally being creative. An avid follower of world events and current affairs, Tracey likes to stay well informed and relevant.

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