A clean approach to business.  Follow in our footsteps!

The year was 2014.  Childcare educator Chris, 32 years of age and screen printer Adam, 38 years of age were looking for a change in vocation and decided to buy a cleaning franchise.  With the dream of owning their own business fulfilled, they quickly got to work becoming two of the best cleaners in Adelaide.  Just ask them …they will agree with me.  It was the beginning of what has become a very proficient partnership delivering fantastic cleaning outcomes across our state.

These days Chris and Adam spend most of their time working as Territory Managers for Cinderellas Commercial Cleaning.  Working all over Adelaide, Chris and Adam are responsible for managing the cleaning at some of our biggest sites.  Managing a large team of people, they are always looking for new clients to service.

How does their story apply to you?

So you want to become a cleaner?  Do you have what it takes?

Let’s look at how this all happened for Chris and Adam.

They owned Your Cleaner (Woodville South), a cleaning franchise that specialised in domestic cleaning, office cleaning and exit and vacate cleaning.  Basically they cleaned everything that came their way.  Carpet cleaning was an add-on service they introduced in 2015.  These guys did the lot …and did it very well.  So well in fact that they got super busy real quick.

Whilst thinking about increasing their client base, in 2017 a family member suggested they get in contact with Cinderellas Commercial Cleaning.  Mark Ferdinands the Managing Director of Cinderellas had been advertising for new amazing career minded and enthusiastic staff displaying practical cleaning skills and with an aptitude for management.  When they heard about this, Chris and Adam knew they ticked every box and decided to make the call directly to Mark.


Mark was highly impressed with Chris and Adam.  They came with a huge amount of experience in the cleaning industry, great references from their current clients and both had happy and friendly personalities.  They were exactly the type of people Cinderellas was looking to add to our team.  Chris and Adam were promptly ushered to conduct the (Online Employment Process) and two days later they were meeting with the State Manager of Cinderellas Hussain Azhar who inducted them into their first job as cleaners at Greyhound Racing South Australia, Chasers Restaurant and McQueens Tavern Angle Park.  They started with us on the absolute ground floor of our organisation …as cleaners.  It may have been the absolute ground floor but the cleaner is the most important role in Cinderellas.  The position of cleaner is a spring board into all other positions in our organisation.

Standing out from the crowd!

Well, it’s obvious what ended up happening.  These guys were so good, they quickly assumed supervisor status at the properties they worked in for Cinderellas.  Our Territory Manager was able to leave them unsupervised to perform their duties.  Duties that were performed with excellence and were noticed by the client.  It became a no-brainer to promote Chris and Adam to Territory Managers and they achieved this status in record time of about 14 months.  On this site, Chris and Adam manage a roaming team of 9 cleaners throughout the year, including themselves.  The client now considers them a part of their extended family because they are achieving and over delivering the specified intended cleaning outcomes.

Some of the comments have been:

“…the car park is looking much better. You guys are doing a great job …keep it up!” Lisa from Admin

“…you guys are so amazing as we have not seen this carpet this clean in years!” Michael from Grounds-Keeping

“…these carpets look fantastic!” Steve from Grounds-Keeping



It’s hard to find good staff, but…

Chris and Adam no longer have the Your Cleaner (Woodville South) franchise.  They have some clients from pre-existing relationships and at Cinderellas we do not discourage this.  The Cinderellas philosophy is to provide a work environment that is so attractive, everyone wants to poach our staff (because our staff are so good) but our staff choose to stay, of their own free will.  Like I said, this is a philosophy …we need to make sure we continue to deliver on this philosophy.  Chris and Adam have made a commitment to stay working within the Cinderellas’ system but this commitment is performanced based on our part.  We need to keep providing Chris and Adam with value and if we succeed and we constantly and never-endingly continue to do so, we expect they will see no reason to leave Cinderellas …you would think? Of course they’re staying! It’s onwards and upwards from here.  Chris and Adam are proof that you can start at the bottom in Cinderellas and make your way up the ladder in quick time!

Start at the bottom and work your way up.  Quickly!

Chris and Adam started off in Cinderellas as cleaners.  They worked hard and impressed their clients.  They received recognition for that by being given extra responsibilities and when the time was right, they were introduced to the Cinderellas Territory Managment System and promoted to Territory Managers.  We endorse publicly these two fine managers in our industry.  Our reputation is on the line but we believe it is in safe hands with Chris and Adam.  They are now sharing in the present and future rewards the company has to offer and they are also enjoying the opportunity to control their own financial destinies.  Territory Management is very lucrative if you have what it takes.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s cleaning.

Before applying to Cinderellas for employment, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Do you care enough about doing a good job?
  2. Do you care enough about your client?
  3. Do you understand brand value increases when you say what you are going to do and then over deliver it.

Chris and Adam have what it takes.     Do you have what it takes to be a cleaner in the Cinderellas system?