What is Cm3?

Cm3 is an internet based contractor OHS/WHS management prequalification system that has been specifically designed to allow companies like Cinderellas to efficiently manage our Workplace, Health and Safety (WHS) prequalification process for our contractors* and suppliers and to demonstrate legal due diligence specific to WHS practices and procedures.

The Cm3 prequalification system has replaced manual (paper-based) systems with a consistent, transparent and streamlined process of managing WHS in the workplace.

Cm3 prequalification ensures that we have the right insurances as well as ensuring all of our safety systems have been comprehensively assessed.

The system is an independent, wholly external system, administered by a third party organisation called Greencap – one of Australia’s leading specialists in health and safety risk management.

*This includes: stonemasons, funeral directors, plumbers, electricians, builders, cleaners, caterers and other third party contractors and suppliers.

Why is Cinderellas using this WHS system?

Cinderellas has legal obligations to verify that all engaged contractors and suppliers have appropriate systems in place to manage WHS risks when performing work on any of our sites.

The decision to introduce the Cm3 system to manage contractor and supplier expectations and ensure WHS compliance is in direct response to increasing requirements and expectations from regulatory bodies and government regarding safe work practices.

Cinderellas puts safety first.

The safety of all stakeholders is our number one priority – contractors, suppliers, Cinderellas staff and the general public.

Cm3 is fundamental to Cinderellas commitment to meeting its legal and moral obligations with respect to WHS and has been identified as an essential risk management program.

What are the benefits of attaining Cm3 prequalification and/or using a Cm3 prequalified company like Cinderellas?

Contractors and third parties successfully completing the Cm3 prequalification will benefit in a number of ways:

  • Online management of trade licenses, certificates and insurances
  • Rolling verification of required WHS documentation including public liability and workers compensation to assist in keeping information up to date
  • Automated notification of upcoming expiration
  • Comprehensive WHS assessment conducted annually by Greencap WHS assessors
  • Provision of feedback from qualified WHS specialists in regard to WHS capabilities
  • The development and maintenance of existing health and safety capabilities
  • The ability to demonstrate workplace health and safety capabilities
  • Exposure to numerous organisations throughout Australia who may require services
  • Cm3 certificate and identification number to demonstrate prequalification

Is Cm3 unique to Cinderellas?

No. Cm3 is an online WHS contractor management system created and owned by Greencap.

It has already been widely adopted by many industries, from corporates and not-for-profits;

As at April 2018, 17,000 contractors are currently registered (pre-qualified on Cm3 and over 20,000 inductions are conducted every year).

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