Ebix Trades Monitor

Trades Monitor was one of the founding businesses of the compliance industry, opening its doors in 2001.

Its success led Ebix Australia, wholly owned subsidiary of Ebix Inc, a NASDAQ listed company and leading supplier of insurance software, to acquire Trades Monitor in 2010.

From then on the company has been known as Ebix Trades Monitor.

Ebix Trades Monitor continues to be Australia’s leader in contractor compliance management and statutory and contractual agreements for building compliance, plant, vehicles, equipment, leases, contractors and suppliers.

Ebix Trades Monitor’s extensive knowledge has helped us to develop a range of high quality services that will not only reduce your company’s risk, but improve safety, lower costs and save time.

Our dedicated team delivers peace of mind to 250 clients Australia-wide and monitors more than 250,000 compliance documents.

Ebix Trades Monitor is an integral part of any efficient and confident business.

Outsourcing your compliance document tracking with Ebix Trades Monitor is knowing you are partnering with the industry leader.

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