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  1. Only 8.3 out of every 10 applicants pass the Firewall so congratulations for getting this far! Great Success! Hi 5!
  2. Only 8.9 out of every 100 applicants go on to complete the next 3 sections of the Employment Process …so good luck!
  3. Most applicants fail at the quiz.  In fact approximately 90% of all applicants get as far as the quiz and then just give up because the “submit” button fails to appear.  Well, the submit button will appear if you get all the answers correct in their correct order.  Don’t give up …you’re almost there!

(If you have not completed the Firewall Survey and require a password please complete the Firewall Survey here.  Once you have successfully completed the survey our Cinderella’s Admin will send you a password by email within 24 hours).

“We are a performance based cleaning company.  We don’t want our clients to have to pay for a substandard service so it is imperative that we only provide awesome staff.  We pay our staff well and we don’t overcharge our clients.  A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work is our motto. If you are an honest hard working person, you will fit perfectly into our company and our culture.” Mark Ferdinands, Managing Director, Cinderellas Commercial Cleaning

Are you applying for work with Cinderellas as a…

Contractor  Employee

“Clicking on Contractor…”  Please remember you are more likely to get work if you have your own vehicle, your own equipment and are prepared to work as a subcontractor with an ABN.  This type of cleaner is extremely employable.  Subcontractors are also eligible to become Territory Managers with Cinderellas and share in profits, quote, train staff, attend company functions, etc.

“Clicking on Employee…”  Certain jobs can only be performed by employees.  Jobs where the equipment is provided for you, where the roster is stipulated and inflexible or where the client insists on this type of employment arrangement, etc.  It’s a little bit harder to find work for this type of cleaner.  Clients don’t like to pay time-and-a-half on Saturdays and double time on Sundays.  As you can imagine, commercial cleaners usually clean when everyone has gone home and this is usually after hours and on the weekend.  Employees are competing with contractors from other firms that are most likely working for half the price.  Cinderellas employees are also eligible to train staff, quote and attend company functions.  Sharing in profits is usually not available to an employee unless under special arrangement.

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