…well we only accept the best candidates.

To join us,  you will need to answer some questions.

If you answer correctly, we will give you the opportunity to apply for work with Cinderellas.

Once you successfully complete the “EMPLOYMENT FIREWALL QUESTIONNAIRE” you will be directed to the “EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION” form.  Statistics show that only 10% of the applicants actually complete the entire ONBOARDING PROCESS.  Only applicants who pass the EMPLOYMENT FIREWALL QUESTIONNAIRE and then go on to complete Part A, B and C of the ONBOARDING PROCESS will be added to our Employment Database and be considered for future job opportunities.


We are a performance based cleaning company.  We don’t want our clients to have to pay for a substandard service.  We only provide awesome staff.  We pay our staff well and we don’t overcharge our clients.  Our motto is …a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.  If you are an honest, hard working person WE WANT YOU! Honest, hard working people fit PERFECTLY into our company.  We are always looking to promote from within our ranks.  Cinderellas is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we promote long and rewarding career progression for our staff.  Good luck!


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