How to write a blog for Cinderellas…
(A “How-To Worksheet” for Territory Managers and Cinderellas Executive Staff)


The whole point in blogging is to create traffic. Traffic to the website and traffic to you! At Cinderellas, we want our Territory Managers and Key Staff to “affect the company culture.” We encourage you to build your own personal and professional brand because when your personal brand is attached to the company, you will be even more motivated to over deliver when you deliver our products and services to the marketplace.

Visibility + Credibility = Profitability.

The VCP process is a technology I learned in BNI (Business Networking International). At Cinderellas we believe in the VCP process. You are important to the company and a blog will help us improve your VISIBILITY. If it’s a good blog, it should turn into sales and activity for you and your Cinderellas team. With the increase in sales and activity, you will gaining experience in the marketplace with clients and this will lead to an increase in your CREDIBILITY to deliver a good service or product. Of course, if you are not punctual, if you don’t deliver what you promised, if your cleaning is poor …then it will reduce your CREDIBILITY in the marketplace. But if you are always on time (as you should be), if you over-deliver and if you are a “simply lovelehy” awesome cleaner, that will most definitely lead to an increase in your CREDIBILITY …which will lead to the final part of the VCP equation – PROFITIBILITY!

1/6 Blog Tips for Cinderellas Territory Managers and Executive Staff

Here’s Part 1 of a 6 Blogs series.

Over the next few months, I’m going to give you 30 tips on how you can increase your blog traffic, improve your VISIBILITY and add to the company’s and your CREDIBILITY.

Over time, I guarantee this will lead to an increase yours and the company’s PROFITIBILITY!


Tip #1: FOCUS ON HELPING YOUR READERS (stop thinking it’s all about you!)

Are you really writing a blog to help yourself? No-one cares about you mate! lol

Let’s help the reader. There’s a myriad of ways of doing this. More than likely, the reader is looking for a solution to their cleaning problem. Let’s see you create a blog that solves the reader’s problems! Inspire, educate, motivate and make the reader laugh or cry, ponder or fly …with wonder at your overwhelming desire to HELP them!

Helping others will help you. It’s very rewarding. You will find your readers will keep coming back and over time, they may even purchase products, services, click links, join your team, share your stories, refer you to their friends and families and consider you an authority on the subjects you write about.

Blog Tip #1… Help your reader.



What’s that you’re thinking? You wrote a blog a week ago so you don’t really need to upload anything for another week or two …WRONG! Regular blogs are a must if you want to remain connected to your audience. We are all creatures of habit and believe me when I say there are actually many people that can benefit from your insights and helpful tips and content.  A regular blog is going to keep you in front of your audience and when it comes time for them to buy …who are they going to think of first? …YOU of course!

Blog Tip #2… Weekly blog is the ideal goal.



Evergreen? Is that even a word? Well, yes it is and if your content is “evergreen” it means your content never goes out of date. Content with no expiry date is magnificent because its return on investment is limitless. Evergreen content stands the test of time.
Focus on content that will still be interesting to read 3 to 5 years from now.


1. Cleaning tips
2. Your personal cleaning experiences
3. Human resource stories
4. Good client stories
5. Bad client stories (yes …everyone always talk about the good stories but we all have negative stories too and sometimes we learn mostly from the mistakes we make).
6. Love (everyone loves a “love” story) lol
7. Controversy
8. Education
9. Funny
10. Workplace Health and Safety

Blog Tip #3… Evergreen content is a gift that keeps on giving.



When I say “use media” I don’t mean use “The Media (Television, Radio, Newspapers, Google, etc..)” I am referring to photos, video, documents and supporting evidence that enhances the delivery of your message.

People love sharing “media” on their digital networks.

If your blog is impactful, you could experience it going viral on sites like:
1. Instagram
2. Facebook
3. Twitter
4. LinkedIn
5. Pinterest etc.

Memes are good. Experiment with video. Take before and after photos.

Blog Tip #4… Visual content IS KING!



I included this tip here because although it looks similar to Tip #4 it is not. #Tip 4 is about creating Visual Content that others can’t help but share …but #Tip 5 is all about making sure YOU SHARE your own work!

It’s super important that you let all the people in your networks know what you’ve created. We are all lucky to have family and friends in our networks that already know, trust and love us. Letting them know about your blog is a great way to help them and at the same time inform them of what you’ve been up to and the responsibility you’ve been given to add to the value of our company and add to the positive culture of Cinderellas.

It won’t be long before you’ve built up some great CREDIBILITY points with the people and businesses in your network and the intangible results of this activity are almost impossible to measure but so rewarding in the months and years to come.

Cinderellas bloggers become authorities in the areas they feel comfortable writing about.

Blog Tip #5… Share your own blog on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc…

This article was written by Mark Ferdinands, Managing Director of Cinderellas Commercial Cleaning.
Please click on the link to contact Mark Ferdinands direct.