Well this week it’s just been announced that The South Australian Government has settled its compensation case with the private consortium firm Celsus, over the building defects and operation costs of The Royal Adelaide Hospital. Treasurer Rob Lucas confirmed that although the hospital was anticipated to cost tax payers up to $400 million per annum, it was actually only costing between $285 to $310 million per annum. The reduction in the costs to run the hospital were due in part to some good luck with how the hospital is being managed and also with an economic environment fostering lower interest rates.

“…another financial mess that the Marshall Liberal government has inherited from Labor”

Health Minister Stephen Wade

“I’m not going to second-guess the legal advice that the Government has received … and this is a very big, very expensive hospital that’s doing an excellent job for South Australians, except for the threats that this Government is cutting and cutting and cutting,” Dr Close said.

Deputy Opposition Leader Susan Close

According to an ABC report released yesterday, hospital services provider Spotless, which had been losing millions of dollars ($93.8 million loss in 2018), would receive an increase in its monthly service fee and settled historical claims.