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WE CLEAN BOLON FLOORING …and we’re good at it!

Sanctioned by The Andrews Group the importers of Bolon, we are Adelaide’s Number One Bolon floor cleaning specialists.  We have the specified B40 mechanical scrubbing equipment from Karcher that is designed to correctly clean your Bolon flooring to correct cleaning specifications …ensuring your warranty is not void by using the wrong/non specified cleaning method.

Only a scrubber-dryer with white nylon brush rollers with a minimal dose of a surface cleaner with a pH of no greater than 7-8.5 should be used when performing standard cleaning maintenance of a Bolon floor.

We offer a free no-obligation quote to ascertain your cleaning requirements and we are happy to design an on-going Bolon floor maintenance plan for your premises.

We currently clean Bolon flooring all over Adelaide.

After Cinderellas has cleaned it, your Bolon floor will look as good as the day it was first laid.  After all …that is what it was designed to do!


NB:  Correctly performed maintenance prolongs the floor’s useful life.

It is also important to note that even a badly maintained floor that has become extremely dirty can be restored in most cases to an almost new condition using a ZEROING method of cleaning.

We are specialists in restoring poorly maintained Bolon floors.

We know how to remove even the most stubborn of stains.



• Start by vacuum cleaning.
• Use a Karcher B40 with soft “White Nylon” bristles and warm water.
Use a minimal dose of an all-purpose cleaner with a pH of 7-8.5 on
more heavily soiled areas.
• Run the machine slowly backwards and forwards with uniform
overlapping while “spray-damping” the floor. The dirt is removed by the nylon rollers scrubbing and the vacuum suction of the B40. Expel the dirty water from the B40 and refill the clean water holding tank and continue until completion of undertaking.

• Start by vacuum cleaning.
• Remove any difficult stains.
• Use Karcher B40 machine with soft, white nylon bristles and warm water. If necessary, a strong, alkaline, all-purpose cleaner with a pH of 9-11 can be used on more difficult areas. Start by running the machine slowly backwards and forwards while “spray-damping” the floor. Work with uniform overlaps and “massage” the dirt loose.   The more difficult the dirt, the more the processing. Afterwards, suck up the dirt with the Karcher B40.  For smaller areas, rinse afterwards, spray clean water and dry with a dry microfibre or polycotton mop. For large areas, the after rinsing can be done using the scrubber-dryer.
• It is important that the floor be not allowed to dry, so the dirt dries
on. For this reason, work on a smaller area, approx. 25m2.
• In extremely dirty conditions, for example heavily trampled in dirt, the nylon brush may be appropriate to loosen the dirt.
Afterwards, the dirt is sucked up according to the earlier description.

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