Wash Room Hygiene Service

Reliable / Competitive / Complete Holistic Service.

Cinderella’s is a fast growing Wash Room Sanitary Services Provider offering 1. Reliable Service 2. Competitive Prices 3. Holistic Approach to Wash Room Services.  Our sanitary units are slimline and designed to fit in a cubicle short on space.

Tracey Beaumont heads up our Wash Room Hygiene department and has tailored a program for Cinderellas that “meets and exceeds” the highest of industry standards.  Our sanitary units are lined with the highest quality sani-bin liners, scented and treated with a powerful sterilising application.  Our sanitary units are replaced at every service and we use responsible and industry approved waste disposal methods.

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The Complete Package…

A)  Wash Room Supplies and Services

  1.  Sanitary Disposal Units
  2.  Automatic Hand Dryers
  3.  Automatic Air Fresheners
  4.  Foam & Spray Soap Dispensers
  5.  Water Saving in the Toilet
  6.  Toilet Seat Sanitizers
  7.  Toilet Floor Revival
  8.  W/C & Urinal Sanitisers
  9.  Urinal Deep Clean Treatments
  10. Urinal Sani-Sleeve
  11. Sanitary Vending Machines

B)  Sanitary Services

  1.  Nappy Disposal Units
  2.  Baby Change Stations
  3.  Incontinence Disposal Units
  4.  Waste Management
  5.  Hazardous Waste Management
  6.  Printer Cartridge Removal Service
  7.  Garbage Area Ozone Generators

C)  Medical Waste Management and Healthcare Services

  1.  X-Ray Fluid Removal
  2.  Sharps Removal
  3.  Sharps Containers
  4.  Sharps Safes Services

Trust the professionals.  Trust Cinderellas.

We are your local Wash Room & Hygiene Service Company.  Cinderellas is Australian owned and operated.  Our head office is based in Adelaide but we are expanding services across all metropolitan cities Australia-wide over the next 3 years. A quality service provider, Cinderellas has been looking after Australians since 1990. Cinderellas provides a reliable, cost effective solution to your sanitary requirements. We are endorsed distributors of K-Tex Wash Room and Hygiene Products. We are able to supply direct to the public & Australia-wide via our e-commerce store.  From sanitary waste management services to nappy waste disposal bins; from incontinence medical waste disposal to the supply of Sharps containers.  Our services are diverse and extensive are all part of the full spectrum cleaning & facility maintenance service we offer clients. We operate in accordance with our own strict OH&S, EEO and MR Policies and adhere to Australian State and Federal law, EPA guidelines whilst always being aware of any environmental concerns.

We work hard to gain your business and we work even harder to keep it.

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The World is a dirty  Place…

We provide a comprehensive range of Wash Room Products & Services that can be tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our current and past client list include some of the biggest companies in Australia. The team at Cinderellas is dedicated to offering your firm the same committed service and support that goes into every assignment, whether you are BHP Billiton, The Government of South Australia or if you are Mrs Jones who needs a sanitary bin service for her small accounting practice in the suburbs. Our aim is to be Australia’s No #1 choice for Wash Room & Hygiene Services within the next 10 years.

The buck stops here!

$20 Million Public Liability Insurance Cover;

All staff are rigorously Police Checked (We began as a Government Licensed Child Care Agency & therefore, unlike most other cleaning companies, we have a Memorandum of Understanding with The South Australian Police Department enabling us to obtain a Natural Offender History Report on every person who works for us);

OH&S, EEO and MR Policies strictly adhered to;

We are hard working, professional cleaners and we deliver a Value for Money cleaning service.

Cinderellas Cleaning Services provide enthusiastic, efficient & professional staff that will do the job right, the first time. Our company is renowned for its reliable service and our “no job is too big or too small” attitude. We have earned our good reputation because Cinderellas will clean your home or business, as if it were our own. You want happy, efficient, well dressed, professional, energetic, enthusiastic, multi-skilled, well mannered, reliable, punctual, honest, motivated, hard working and friendly cleaning staff. We offer a free no obligation quote to ascertain all your cleaning requirements.

The World is a dirty Place.  That’s why we say…Thank God for Cinderellas!

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